About Us

Baysek Corporate Office

Baysek Machines Inc. believes that successful companies are on an endless quest for improved quality, efficiency, and safety. Our engineers are continuously working to outpace technological advancements with the latest in machine design and functionality. Vigorous testing and standards procedures are performed on all our parts and machines before leaving our production facilities. Exceeding customer satisfaction and evolving OSHA regulations with up-to-date quality equipment ensures satisfied customers and safe machinery built to last.

A quick return on investment can be expected with the purchase of a Baysek die cutter. Designed to produce the highest quality finished product known, while eliminating unnecessary manual labor, the Baysek die cutting method saves countless amounts of time and money. Our passion is to provide converters with increased production and decreased operating costs.

New and Repeat customers are ensured the best after sales care in the industry, as it is Baysek’s philosophy to always go the extra mile for our equipment utilizers. Reliability in all aspects of Baysek performance is predictable, as neither quality nor service is ever just another word in our vocabulary.

Baysek Machines has serviced corrugated die cutting machines on every habitable continent on the globe, a true testament to Baysek’s status as a respected industry leader of state-of-the-art die cutting equipment. Proven and predictable, Baysek continues to capture the attention of sheet plant operators and creative box makers industry wide.


Precision Die Cutting Equipment