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Innovative Load Turning, Squaring, and Rotating Technology

The Baysek Model I-6072 offers quick and easy 180 degree load inverting. The Baysek process saves valuable time while adding job safety, avoiding injury caused by manually turning and stacking loads for inspection and production. Originally engineered and manufactured to accompany the Baysek C-170 Auto-Load, a Baysek Load Turner is an easy addition to any production line.

The Baysek Model IR-6072 offers quick and easy 180 degree load rotating and/or inverting
with 3 way discharge. Loads are ready for production on a multi-conveyor selection via an easy touch screen without the use of messy hydraulics. Also built to accompany the Baysek C-170 Die Cutter Auto-Load, the Baysek model IR can be utilized to send loads to multiple production lines.

Load maximum sheet dimensions

•  60" Through x 72" Across (US)
•  1525 mm Through x 1830 mm Across (metric)

load features

•  No Pit Required
•  Maximum Opening of 54"
•  Clamp Minimum of 34"
•  1,500 Pound Lifting Capacity
•  Optional Variable Speed Vibration

•  Remove Damaged Sheets and Dunnage
•  Custom Build to Specification Available
•  180 Degree Load Inverting
•  180 Degree Load Rotating and/or Inverting
•  3 Way Discharge

THE load turner IN ACTION


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Perhaps the easiest way to see the Baysek difference is to watch the Air Logic in action. Watch Video »

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