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Consumables IconEmpire Packaging & Displays Improves Productivity with Baysek C-170
3/12/2012: Baysek Machines helps Empire by producing a clean finished product, one person operator, automatically stripped waste.
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Consumables IconProduct + Innovation = Sale To Menasha
9/20/2011: Baysek Machines helps Menasha Corporation by customizing C-170 die cutting machine and customer focused support.
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Consumables IconArrow Box Exits Auto Market To Stay On Targets
5/11/2009: Adding Baysek Machines C-170 die cutting machine helps Arrow Box focus on food and beverage industries.
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increased business

“I've tripled my business with 3 Baysek C-170 die cutters and I'm looking at purchasing my fourth.”

Jason Ray–
CPS Incorporated
Westfield, Indiana USA

Nick free finish

“The Baysek C-170 die cutter is our most productive machine on our factory floor. Customers love the timeliness of Nick Free finished product delivery. We love we can provide quality and service with only one operator. We are so convinced by the Baysek method that we now have 3 C-170's.”

Scott & Blaine Gerrity –
Gerrity Paper Products
Concord, Ontario Canada

performance & capability

“I doubled my business by following the Bayseks”

Jason Ray –

excellent customer care & superior service

“I can’t tell you how good our relationship with Baysek Machines is. Dave Helbach has gone above and beyond the call of duty. If there’s an issue, they get back to you right away and fix it.”

John Denney –
Bethlehem Packaging

capture new business

“Flexibility to automatically cut, strip, count, and stack large & small, simple to intricate multi-out pieces with one operator allows us to capture business we previously couldn't”

Shad Young –
Arrow Carton Company
Richfield, Wisconsin USA

flexibility, cost & efficiency

“We had some large items we wanted to run. Since then we’ve found a lot of other options due to its (the Baysek C-170 die cutter’s) ability to run many outs. Competitively, it puts us in an area that we were not in before...It’s probably one of the best machines we’ve bought in regards to return on investment.”

Jess Kramper –
General Manager
Arrow Box


“With rotary diecutting, stacking product, product separation by hand, and then restacking, it used to take us 12 hours to produce a truckload of product. With the Baysek, it takes about three hours.”

Don Simmons –
General Manager
Empire Packaging & Displays
(Formerly Empire Container)

time saving

“During just 4 hours of training on our new Baysek C-170 die cutter we completed 3 jobs that previously took well beyone twice the time using our past die cutting method”

Ronny Kohler - Terz –
Ehrhardt Kartonagen GmbH
Spechtsbrunn, Germany

one operator capabilitY &
multi-shift/dual machine operations

“We have plans to utilize the (Baysek C-170) die cutters as continuous run machines by using one person to run both machines during break time.”

Todd Price –
Regional Operations Manager
Menasha Corporation

set-up, traininG & ease of use

“After Baysek’s tech people made all the connections, we attached the cyclone to the machines, and we were ready to go...About as close to plug and play as we can get. The machines are easy to operate, with flat screen panels that walk you through everything. After one week, none of our operators were uncomfortable going it alone on the machine.”

Brad Knoll –
Operations Manager
Menasha Corporation, Neenah Plant



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